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Capstone is truly designed to be the Capstone of our students' Classical Christian Education.  In these grades, the focus is on Rhetoric - our students hone their speaking and writing skills, learning to express themselves in beautiful and persuasive ways. They also master Latin and translate the classics and complete the classes of History and Literature.  Finally, they study higher

Arithmetic and Science.   

It is our goal that when students graduate from our Capstone program, they are well-grounded, independent thinkers - godly men and women with the clarity to meet all of life's challenges with grace and wisdom.

In Class


In Ancient times, when the Greeks sought to free their people from slavery to the conqueror of the moment, they came to realize that the best (and only) avenue to accomplish this was through education.  


This is where the term Liberal Arts Education came from.  They believed education to be liberating.  Whether the citizen was a blacksmith or the son of a wealthy politician, the goal was the same - Freedom.  This was accomplished through the Seven Liberal Arts.

The 3 Stages of Learning - Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric - are also the first three of the Seven Liberal Arts.  

These seven are:

  • Grammar - basic facts about any subject

  • Logic - how and why the facts fit together

  • Rhetoric - internalizing and expressing facts in a beautiful and winsome manner

  • Arithmetic - study of Mathematics from basic operations through Algebra

  • Music - Appreciation and Theory

  • Geometry - the study of shapes

  • Astronomy (Calculus) - study of rates of change


These are also referred to as the Trivium and Quadrivium.  It is our goal to employ the seven liberal arts and the great books in order to cultivate men and women characterized by wisdom, virtue and eloquence.

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